The iPods always tops the list when it comes to mp3 players. There are different tools made by man. Some of these tools help us to travel faster while there are others which helps to communicate in a better way. There are even some tools made by man which entertains you in a big way. These are iPods.

The popularity of iPods

  • Designing

IPod is much slimmer than other mp3 players available in the market due to the outside-in concept. This concept or perspective makes you determine the important features like the battery, hard –drive and circuit to be formatted in s way one top of the other. The most popular design is the click –wheel which has five buttons. This is used by consumers to perform play, menu, pause, previous track and next track.

The sleek design of ipod is preferred by people these days due to the fact that it is easy to carry and handle. The simple and elegant design adds to one’s personality.

Moreover the colours available in the market are very descent which looks professional.

  • Features

The iPods has many functions which includes music along with podcast playback and video. In addition the iPod also has photos, games, stopwatch, contacts and clock. Adding on to this the apple has a pedometer, voice recording, built-in speaker radio and video camera. The iPod can be formatted both in Mac OS X and Windows. One cannot imagine better features than this and the best thing is that these devices are very user friendly.

  • Sound

IPod has the best sound quality of MP3/4 players but in order to experience that you need to buy a good quality of earphone. The sound is the best in its class.

  • Battery life

Apple uses the battery from leading battery manufacturers such as Sony and Sanyo. The battery is the latest lithium ion battery which has no competitor in the market. In addition, these particular type of batteries help in giving a slim look to this product.

  • HDD

The HDD for iPods are humongous. The apple iPod classic has an 80 GB hard drive; while the new iPod nano has 8/16GB HDD and the Video iPod has a 30GB hard drive. The iPod classic which is new has 160GB hard drive. With such huge capacity one has the best option for the storage. These are the capacities which are much more than the one found in day to day tablets or lap tops. A hard disk is perhaps the first thing about which a user is interested in knowing as it shows the storage capacity of a gazette own a device with such a good amount of space is really a wonderful experience.

Moving further the sales staff is very good at the retail outlets of apple. If we compare this with some other outlet we would get to know the difference where there is no one to help or assist you.

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